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Custom. Seasonal. Elegant.

Portside Catering makes your events

one-of-a-kind with elegant and delicious dishes.

Our passion for sourcing fresh ingredients, combining traditional flavors and rewriting familiar recipes into exceptional cuisine is our mission and greatest joy.

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Fresh And Exciting Menus

We source fresh, local ingredients and flavors to make every dish unique.

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Exceptional Service

From planning, to set up, we strive to make your event is a success that people will remember.

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Elegant Displays

We build stunning displays to not only please your guest’s taste buds, but also their eyes.

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Take A Step
Out Of The Ordinary

Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether it is a small gathering or an elegant feast, Portside provides you with an unforgettable experience. We use the freshest local ingredients in our modern-inspired dishes, to make your event truly one of a kind.

About Us
portside catering, kenosha county caterer, best catering in kenosha

Private Occasions

Let us cater your family holiday meals, so you can enjoy your company.

Corporate Events

We offer lunch packages and buffet tables to make your corporate event a success.

Large Celebrations

Our elegant displays and unique offerings will wow your guests.

Elegant Experiences

in the heart of Kenosha
portside catering, best caterer in kenosha, kenosha county caterer

Artistry And Quality Go Hand In Hand

A feast for the eyes and the palate is at the heart of all our dishes.

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We Are Prepared To Serve Your Guests

We make serving your guests simple with beautifully packaged items.

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Fresh Flavors Is our mission

From freshly baked bread to local produce, we utilize the best flavors Wisconsin has to offer.

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